MEDICAL MASSAGE – Understanding the Medical Massage Concept & Protocol for Piriformis Outlet Syndrome/Sciatica – 16 LIVE CEs – CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

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MEDICAL MASSAGE – Understanding the Medical Massage Concept & Protocol for Piriformis Outlet Syndrome/Sciatica 

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NOTE: This course satisfies State of Georgia Board of Massage Therapy license renewal requirements and consists of the following number of CEs:

  • 16 LIVE NCBTMB Approved CEs

Seminar Level: Advanced 

Instructor: Dr. Jeffrey Cullers 

Why Choose Our Medical Massage Seminars? 

Premier Continuing Education and The National Academy of Medical Massage are proud to present The Science of Massage Institute. The Science of Massage Institute is the original – and still the only – completely valid source of 100% science-based Medical Massage in America. That’s because only the Science of Massage Institute has spent decades gathering all the research and clinical studies from the past 100 years to indisputably confirm every single Medical Massage technique and protocol presented. 

Do the research. You’ll find that all valid Medical Massage in this country comes from one source – The Science of Massage Institute and its founder, Dr. Ross Turchaninov. And while other seminar purveyors may have a few elements “lifted” from the Science of Massage Institute, none come close to their thorough understanding and clinical effectiveness for all aspects of Medical Massage. It is for this reason the Science of Massage Institute is currently in discussions with some of the major hospitals in America, including the Mayo Clinic and UCLA Medical Center. 

Dr. Cullers is the ONLY Florida Physician who has successfully completed extensive training and is Certified by the Science of Massage Institute founded by Dr. Ross Turchaninov MD. Dr. Cullers is privileged to be the very first person to have been given the rights to teach Medical Massage Seminars in the US and abroad on behalf of the Science of Massage Institute. 

The Medical Massage Seminars presented by Dr. Cullers, on behalf of the Science of Massage Institute developed by Dr. Ross Turchaninov, are not just about renewing your CE’s. It is the first step in a bridge built for you to a highly successful and lucrative practice of $100K plus yearly income. 

You will learn how to use and to integrate Medical Massage into your practice, opening your access to the medical community, enhancing your reputation and ability to relieve pain by successfully treating a wide variety of somatic and visceral disorders – including but not limited to back, shoulder and neck pain, chronic headaches, fibromyalgia, vertigo, sports injuries and more. 

Starting from the origin of the innervation of the affected area, Dr. Cullers will take you step by step through successful examination and rehabilitation of the soft tissue using a layer by layer approach. Dr. Cullers will teach you to combine variations of seven basic massage techniques using special Medical Massage protocols perfected by Dr. Ross Turchaninov MD to reach absolute clinical results quickly and effectively. 

Seminar Focus Subjects

  • Understanding the Medical Massage Concept
  • Marketing & Developing a Medical Massage Practice
  • Hands on Training in Basic Medical Massage Techniques
  • Medical Massage Protocols for Over 60 Medical Massage Conditions 

The 1, 2 and 3 day NCBTMB Approved Medical Massage Seminars presented by Dr. Cullers on behalf of the Science of Massage Institute are 100% science-based and are for serious practitioners. (CE hours apply to a Certification as a Medical Massage Practitioner.) 

Seminar Topic 

In this 2 DAY Medical Massage Seminar, the first day of the seminar focuses on the Concept and Theory of Medical Massage. The second day of the seminar will be hands on training and focuses on using the example of Piriformis Muscle Syndrome/Sciatica with all the necessary tests and treatment using Medical Massage Protocol. 

What to bring/What to Wear 

-        A note pad and pen or pencil – Manuals WILL NOT be provided, however, course books will be available for sale

-        Linens and Massage lotions or oils

-        Loose comfortable clothing such as yoga or fitness attire

-        Snacks and Nonalcoholic beverages