Click for Details: TEXT NECK – 1 DAY SEMINAR – Manual Techniques for Todays “Text Neck” – 12 LIVE & 12 Home Study CEs (Reg. Price $245)

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MANUAL SOMATIC REHABILITATION - Text Neck & Multiple Nerve Compressions of the Upper Extremity

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NOTE: This course satisfies State of Florida Board of Massage Therapy license renewal requirements and consists of the following number of CEs:

  • 12 LIVE NCBTMB Approved CEs
  • 12 FREE ONLINE State of Florida Board of Massage Approved CEs

Seminar Level: Intermediate/Advanced (No Prerequisite Needed)

Instructor: Dr. Jeffrey Cullers

In this interactive and challenging seminar, Chiropractic Physician, SOMI Certified Medical Massage Practitioner/Trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist Dr. Jeff Cullers, will introduce you to the science of and the clinical application of exciting training in Somatic Rehabilitation and how to properly assess, treat and often times eliminate a condition affecting many people today called "Text Neck".

"Text Neck" aka Anterior Scalene Muscle Syndrome can contribute to 14 conditions related to the upper extremities and affects many people today.

Using hands-on training, students will learn how to easily assess for conditions related to the cervical spine and the upper extremity such as Anterior Scalene Muscle Syndrome aka Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Upper Cross Syndrome. We will establish a logical understanding of the scientifically based pattern of soft tissue rehabilitation using the concept of Somatic Rehabilitation aka Medical Massage.

This seminar will focus on the anatomy and physiology of Scalene Muscles, their relation to Brachial Plexus, Subclavian Artery, and Vein; assessment and evaluation of Anterior Scalene Muscle Syndrome/Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and the proper application of easy to use hands-on treatment Protocol.

What to bring

  • Linens
  • Massage lotions or oils
  • Snacks
  • Nonalcoholic beverages

What to wear

  • Loose comfortable clothing such as yoga or fitness attire