LIVE SEMINAR – LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE: Manual Lymphatic Drainage – (Deadline to Register 12/20/22)

  • Jan 03
    Tue 09:00 AM - Wed 06:00 PM East Norriton, PA

    16 NCBTMB Approved CEs

    Dr Jeff Cullers, DC, B.S., L.M.T, NCBTMB
    • CE hours: 16
    • $320.00 excl. Tax
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Seminar Level: Intermediate/Advanced (No Prerequisite Needed)

Instructor: Dr. Jeffrey Cullers

NCBTMB Approved Provider #20

CE BROKER #50-14961

Texas Approved Provider

NCBTMB New York Sponsored Approved Provider


In this interactive and challenging 2 DAY course, Nationally Board Certified and Licensed Chiropractic Physician, SOMI Certified Medical Massage Practitioner, and Licensed Massage Therapist, Dr. Cullers, will discuss, the history and theory of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD) known as the Vodder technique, (developed by E. Vodder Ph.D.).

Dr. Cullers will discuss the anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system, mechanisms of primary/ lymphodynamic and secondary/lymphostatic edema, assessment of MLD, the therapeutic effect of MLD, as well as MLD techniques and applications for the face, neck, head, arms, torso, and legs.

In this course, Massage Therapists’ will learn to develop:

  1. An understanding of The History & Theory of Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  2. An understanding of What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  3. An understanding of Why Manual Lymphatic Drainage is important
  4. An understanding of the Anatomy and Physiology of the Lymph System
  5. An understanding of the Causes of Edema
  6. An understanding of the Indications/Contraindications for MLD
  7. An understanding of the Therapeutic Effects of MLD
  8. An understanding of the Steps to Perform Effective MLD
  9. An understanding of MLD Techniques for The Neck
  10. An understanding of MLD Techniques for The Face
  11. An understanding of MLD Techniques for The Posterior Neck
  12. An understanding of MLD Techniques for The Posterior Thorax
  13. An understanding of MLD techniques for The Anterior Thorax
  14. An understanding of MLD Techniques for The Upper Extremities
  15. An understanding of MLD Techniques for The Lower Extremities
  16. An understanding of MLD Techniques for the Lumbar & Gluteal Region


  • Writing utensil & paper to take notes
  • Massage Table, linens, and massage lotion/oil/cream (If you are attending with another MT, 1 table is recommended for 2 people)
  • Snacks and Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing such as yoga or fitness attire
  • You must attend the Hands-On training

NOTE: If you do not have a massage table or choose not to participate in the hands-on techniques presented, you may observe.